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The Full Story

I am a Certified OBM®, former TV Distribution Company COO, Non-Profit Theater Company DOO, website project manager, TV producer, and I try darn hard to be a caring and thoughtful leader. Refining and reworking a system process excites me. I find implementing a new system that makes entrepreneurs' lives easier to be thrilling. Successful executions of launches cause me to break out in awkward chair dances!


Kevin Smith & Kieran Dotti

Comedian & filmmaker Kevin Smith and I

I have implemented systems for customer service, project management, ticketing services, legal contract management, and royalty tracking. If you’re reading this and thinking, “Oh well, she didn’t list what I need, let me move on,” let me assure you, I will figure it out! In fact, some of the projects I’m most proud of, I had absolutely no idea how to start initially. Throughout my career I have been involved in start-up production businesses, building systems & processes from the ground up. What once worked, no longer did, so I had to be adaptable and have a good deal of ingenuity. This is why I have thrived and been promoted multiple times within several companies.

Check out some of the cool projects I've gotten to be a part of! 

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Tech I've Worked In: | Meister Task | Teamwork | Midaxo | Microsoft Office Suite | Google Suite | Dropbox Business | Mailchimp | Slack | Zoom | Skype | Calendly | Wordpress | SquareSpace | Wix | DocuSign | Rightsline | Panda Doc | Adobe Photoshop | Adobe Premiere | Canva | App Content Management Systems | Signiant | Aspera  | Shopify | Asana | Unbounce | Mailerlite | Klaviyo  Tech I'm Actively Learning:  Dusbsado | HoneyBook 

Getting Personal

On a personal note, I live with a fluffy cuddle buddy named Marty McFly, who will most likely make his presence known on all calls. I read and cross-stitch in my spare time. And I watch a LOT of TV. I’d love to hear any recommendations and geek out at any time if you’re game! If there’s time travel involved, I’ll probably love it.  

Speaking of which, wouldn’t life be so much easier if we had one of those time-turning necklaces like Hermione had so she could take more classes? Think of how much we could get done!  Alas, I can’t turn back time, YET, but I can help you gain back more of it for the fun stuff by taking some of the day-to-day managerial tasks off your plate. (Like how I tied that all together? See! I’m funny, clever, and can basically bend time and space!

How can you not book a call with me?) 

Kieran's Dog Marty

Marty McFly in his business casual WFH attire


Kieran Dotti On The Set of Kevin Hart's Guide To Black History

As set out by the IAOBM, I operate according to these five values:

  1. Integrity - I do what I say I'll do, and I do the right thing because it is the right thing, regardless of who is looking. 

  2. Collaboration - I raise up our clients, our colleagues, and our community; I value and incorporate all voices, and work together for the collective benefit to achieve our goals. 

  3. Dependability - I deliver on my promises, take ownership of my contribution and  follow through on results for our clients. 

  4. Problem Solving - I am results-driven and solutions-focused; I look for root causes, am forward thinking and positive. 

  5. Excellence - I put quality work and a commitment to growth at the heart of what it means to be a Certified Online Business Manager.

On the set of Kevin Hart's Guide to Black History (watch on Netflix)

Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion

I believe collaboration from different perspectives improves innovation and creates better solutions for our clients, our community, and our organizations. 

I encourage diversity and consider it an important factor when evaluating new partnerships and opportunities. I prioritize inclusion, ensuring BIPOC, LGBTQ, and differently-abled members feel seen, heard, and supported.

This is a place for all to thrive, connect, and grow - discriminatory comments or practices will not be tolerated.

If you're interested in learning more about how to make your business more accessible to differently-abled future employees and customers, please check out AccessAbility Officer. Together, we can help you to created a more inclusive workplace. 

Kieran Dotti at Sequoia

Nothing like being next to these giants to put life in perspective. 

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